Going into our ninth summer at Moshava Ba’ir Toronto, we thought we’ve seen it all; but yet again, our Tzevet Bachir has outdone themselves! This year, we have many new programs for our campers to enjoy. Drama, Create It (advanced robotics), another Bishul peula, skateboarding and scootering, as well as exciting trips, shows and on-campus activities!

Our guiding theme for Chinuch this summer is Nevi’im Achronim. Our main goals for Chinuch is to communicate a curiosity and excitement for Torah and give over basic Jewish knowledge to the chanichim. We’ve been learning about the later prophets, starting with Eliyahu and Elisha, and will be making our way to Shivat Tzion. We have been discussing the special role that Neviim play in serving as a link between Bnei Yisrael and Hashem, and helping those that are in trouble either physically or spiritually. In addition, in order to develop social-emotional learning skills, every week we highlight a particular Midah that connects to our Navi of the week and find ways to apply the lessons of the Torah to our daily lives.

Throughout the summer, we incorporate our Chinuch theme into other areas in camp. During the first week of camp, we learned about Eliyahu. In art, the campers made Havdala sets (candle, besamim, match boxes), and in baking, the campers made spice muffins. In addition, once a week we have a dress up day that connects to the theme and a special “Theme Thursday” activity planned by our incredible Chinuch Tzevet, that tie everything they have learned all week together.

We are very grateful to our Tzevet, who are busy creating fun, exciting and engaging peulot for our campers, as well as our madrichim who are working very hard to ensure that each camper has an amazing summer. Most importantly, we are grateful to our campers who join us for the summer and lighten up our lives with the special energy and ruach that they each bring. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the second half of the summer!