Moshava Alevy

By: Aliza Zeff | Rosh Tochnit, Moshava Alevy

This summer, Moshava Alevy is packing up and traveling Shvil Yisrael, the Israel Trail.

Our campers have learned about a variety of places along the trail, including Israel’s water sources, a Bedouin tent and much more. Our Bet Midrash is abuzz with Torah learning, and our campers’ daily shiurim provide impactful and interactive lessons in Torah V’Avodah being a dugmah Ishit.

In addition, this summer, our camp has added a Chava, a Farm! With the help of HaShomer HaChadash, our campers are busy digging the earth, cultivating the land and planting anew. Each Edah has designated time and space in the Chava and no matter the age, each person’s contribution to the land is valued. Our campers have learned about how this approach is crucial in Israel and helps farmers protect their land. We hope to see our Chava grow each summer, as it has been a highlight for our campers!