Moshava Ennismore

By: Tova Segal | Assistant Director, Moshava Ennismore
Our theme of the summer is Moshevet Aliyah- learning about and experiencing aliyah of the past, present and future. Every two weeks we focus on a different period of time.
For Aliyah of the past, campers experienced what aliyah was like in the early years before the State was established. Israel in this time was virtually empty, with very few resources and facilities. Today we are fortunate to be able to buy kosher wine, a mezuzah or olive oil, but how was kosher wine made in the era of the Chalutzim (pioneers)? Or how did they get olive oil for Chanukah? We brought in The Interactive Jewish Education Center to create an early Aliyah pioneer village where everyone got to make Jewish ritual and life items from scratch. We made our own honey, grape juice, and Havdallah candles and learned how to write in a Sefer Torah.
For Aliyah of the present (Aliyah today) we will be learning about organizations such as Nefesh B’Nefesh, Garin Tsabar, Lev L’Chayal, and Na’aleh. We will be having a camp wide countdown until a staff member of ours makes Aliyah, and celebrating those from our camp who have made Aliyah in the past and the experiences they have had.
Over the last two weeks we will be learning about  Aliyah in the future to the Beit Hamikdash and what that experience will look like. We will focus on our middot and actions, with the hope that our work today can bring mashiach and usher in such an era.