Moshava Ba’ir of Greater Philadelphia launched this week with pre-camp, training our incredible tzevet for a successful and safe summer despite the unprecedented times. Pre-camp focused on training tzevet in running a camp during COVID, what it means to be a leader, and how dugma ishist changes the lives of those around us. Our tzevet transformed Kohelet Yeshiva High School into a lively camp campus, filled with colorful posters and enthusiastic smiles!

Wednesday was the first day of camp, with campers enjoying different activities relating to Seder Zeraim. Children had the opportunity to dance at rikkud, bake cookies in afiyah, build their endurance in gadna, develop their teamwork in sports, and create a melody in music! Melechet Yad & Chavaya Israeli are working together to create an irrigation system using splash art paintings and other out of the box tools! Thursday continued with chanichim arriving at camp enthusiastic and energized for the day ahead! Chanichim were rating camp on a scale of one to ten as an 11! With the unbelievable tzevet of Moshava Ba’ir of Greater Philadelphia, this summer will be one to remember!

By Sari Gindoff-Linder