What’s new in New Rochelle!

By: Elisheva Raskas | Madricha, New Rochelle

After the staff meeting, our motivated team could not wait for the upcoming snif Shabbos in New Rochelle. In line with the Bnei Akiva vision, we created an educational and enjoyable environment for the children. Initially, the kids divided into two groups, and competed to see who could velcro various cities onto the map of Israel more quickly. The children enjoyed playing charades, in which each card embodied a specific aspect of Israel and its culture. Later, the kids designed Israeli flags, utilizing white frosting and blue sour belts. To top it all off, the kids left with a useful gadget to remember the fun day! Their special Bnei Akiva cup turns blue when a cold beverage is poured into it! The madrichim and the chanichim are excited to see what the next Snif Shabbos entails. Could it be even better than the last?