Tzevet Spotlight

With: Eliav Saban | Mazkir Galil, Toronto


Eliav Yishai Tzion Saban



Current role in Bnei Akiva

Mazkir Galil of Toronto & Rosh Kehila Snif (the only Sephardic Snif in all of North America)

What is your first memory of Bnei Akiva?

Going to Snif with my older sister when I was 6 years old, and I absolutely had no idea what was going on. However I loved it!

Why do you think it’s so important to be involved in Bnei Akiva as a High Schooler?

I think engaging and being a role model for the younger grades, even if you are in grade 9, can positively impact the future decisions that these individuals will come to make. 

Tell us your favorite Bnei Akiva experience?

It has to be IDP. Especially in grade 9, it gave me such a push to get involved in BA. 

Where is your dream place to live in Israel?

Somewhere in the North on a Farm with much vegetation and cattle.

What does Torah V Avodah mean to you?

Torah V Avodah = Torah and Work

Who would you rather be David Ben Gurion or Golda Meir?

David Ben Gurion. His hair is just too cool to give up. 

What one item is a must to pack for a Bnei Akiva Shabbaton?

Obviously a Tilboshet but also a rain jacket because somehow even if they say it won’t rain, it will. 

Most meaningful Zionist/Jewish quote?

“Anyone who believes you can’t change history has never tried to write his memoirs.” – David Ben-Gurion

What is your aliyah date?

The day after Talya’s wedding 😉