Torah BaMachshev!

Hannah Solon | Mazkirah, Atlanta

Despite that fact that all of us are currently secluded in our homes, we can still all come together to learn some Torah. Every night this week, anyone involved in Bnei Akiva can toon in over zoom to hear a shiur given by an amazing HA member! The first one was given Monday night by Charlie Kramer. Entitled “Being a Zionist from the Comfort of Your Own Home,” Charlie spoke about—along with many examples from the always amazing Rav Soloveitchik—the importance of remaining strong Zionists even in the midst of a pandemic. He left us with the message that now is the time to really take control of our local snifim. While many events are continuing traditions (like an annual Chanukah carnival) we are now in uncharted territory where traditions don’t apply. We can all be creative and innovative to figure out how to continue engaging with our communities when we can’t meet face to face. Virtual learning has advantages like being able to learn from and interact with people who you normally wouldn’t so take advantage of these incredible opportunities! It was great seeing so many people in the shiur and I can’t wait to tune in to the rest of them!

Chizuk with Charlie

Tobi Katz | Scarsdale, NY

On Tuesday night, Charlie Kramer led an informative shiur called “Being a Zionist: From the Comfort of your Own Home.” He discussed the importance of keeping a positive outlook on a difficult situation, and continuing sniffim and peulot for chanichim at home. Although we are unable to come together as we usually do, this separation does not have to divide us. We must embrace the situation we are in and make the most out of it; learning new things along the way.