Tomechai Shabbat

By: Yoni Merkin – Mazkir Galil – Bnei Akiva of Los Angeles

This past week a group of middle school kids went with Vazach of Bnei Akiva of Los Angeles to pack boxes of food for Jews who needed food for shabbat. This chessed peula was with Tomchei Shabbos an organization that packs and delivers food for people who need food for shabbat and chagim. Before the packing began the V’zach madrichim led a peula discussing the different levels of charity that people can give. Then the kids were split up into groups for the packing, after about forty five minutes of packing the chanichim were treated to a pizza dinner. All the kids had a great time and came away with a new perspective on doing chesed in the community and with full stomachs of course.