The Amazing Ushpizin Race! 

By: Noah Roffe | Rosh Snif Chicago


This past week in Bnei Akiva Chicago, we sent our chanichim on… The Amazing Ushpizin Race! Usually we invite the Ushpizin to visit our sukkot, but we thought it would be more fun to give them a break and visit their sukkot. Each kvutza was given a list of Ushpizin with corresponding addresses. Using the clues given to them, they had to figure out which succah they needed to go to. At each succah, they would hear from the figure about what there life was like and what they wanted to accomplish. Each kvutza had to help the ushpizin accomplish his endeavors before proceeding to the next succah. Yasher Koach to kvutza נבטים for winning the race!