Rabbi Dr. Noam Weinberg

Rabbi Dr. Noam Weinberg (Shevet Hamevasser) has been involved in formal and informal Jewish education for over 25 years. He most recently served as the Rosh Yeshiva and principal of the North Shore Hebrew Academy High School in Great Neck, New York. Prior to this position he was the associate principal of The Moriah School in Engelwood, New Jersey and before that he was the assistant principal in The Hebrew Academy of Long Beach.

Preceding his successful career in administration, Rabbi Weinberg taught Chumash and Gemara in Frisch, Ma’ayanot, and MTA-P’TACH. Rabbi Weinberg is also the founding director of NCSY JOLT Israel, a leadership training summer program in Israel for teens from North America. At its peak this past year, the program had almost 160 teens. Rabbi Weinberg received Smicha from RIETS- Yeshiva University’s Rabbinical Seminary, has a Masters in Secondary Jewish Education, a Masters in School administration, a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, a Doctorate from The Azrieli Graduate School, a post graduate certification in Not-for-profit management from Columbia University Business School, and is a certified Parent coach in the area of adolescent religious development as well as a volunteer EMT.

Rabbi Weinberg is a Boger of Moshava IO where he went to Machal and then worked for two years. He was also part of the 1993-1994 cohort of Bnei Akiva’s Midrash Umaaseh. In addition, Rabbi Weinberg composes music, is an avid hiker, agriculturalist and acts. His most famous role was in the award winning independent film, David the movie. Rabbi Weinberg is married to his wife Nechama and together they have five children. Rabbi Weinberg and his family will be fulfilling their dream of Aliyah this year as they move to a brand new Yishuv in Emek Haeilah called Givot Eden!