Shlomo Stern

Shlomo Stern is a Bnei Akiva veteran and an experienced informal educator. Shlomo was Director of Moshava Ba’ir New Jersey for 6 years, and now uses his expertise to support and grow the Moshava Ba’ir initiative across the US & Canada. Shlomo is also currently the Associate Director of Moshava IO in Honesdale. Shlomo also held the position of Regional Director for Bnei Akiva of NY and NJ before making Aliyah. Shlomo, together with his wife, Temima, and their children, spent 4 years on Shlichut in Houston, Texas coordinating Bnei Akiva activities in Houston and the Southern Region of the US. Shlomo completed his BS in Accounting at YU’s Sy Sym School of Business.