Surviving the South

By: Yara Hyman | Bogeret, Detroit

This past Sunday, January 26, we held an event for our Chavraya Bet division (High School.) The name of this event was called, “Surviving the South”. The goal of this event, was to educate the high school students on some of the struggles that people living in the south experience daily. We accomplished this by creating an escape room. Within the rooms, the students had to place themselves into the shoes of people living in the south; to truly see how they live their lives. Out first level of the escape room was a bomb shelter. the students had to get down to the “bomb shelter” in 15 seconds. This gave them a real feel of how fast people in the south have to move in order to stay safe. They then had to piece together a series of clues in order to get out of the bomb shelter. Once they solved the code, they could move on. The second room was designed as an army control room. When they entered this room they were treated as lone soldiers and given an important mission. They had to “find a Hamas tunnel”and “blow it up.” once the students became comfortable with the room, and understood what they were dealing with, they were able to work as a group and solve the puzzles. It was a great event that had a great level of education and unity. We are very excited to continue and create more events in the future with similar life lessons/ meaningful messages for Chavraya Bet.