Sunday in Detroit!

By: Daniella Press | Rosh Pirsum and Community Events, Detroit

Last week Bnei Akiva Detroit started something new and opened a Mazkirut group. This is a group of all the high schoolers who want to be part of the Tzevet and really want to take responsibility as a leader in Bnei Akiva Detroit. For the opening we had a super fun Mazkirut event! We went to whirlyball in Novi, we ate Pizza, learned about Purim from our new Rosh Torah David Kleinman and our Mazkira Sima stein and had Peulah with the Shlichim. It was an awesome start for Detroit Mazkirut and we are looking forward to the upcoming Tzevet meeting, Limud, events, volunteering and Hachsharot. Can’t wait! 🤗