Shvatim Weekend: A Cleveland perspective 

By: Yonatan Ginsburg | Cleveland, Rosh Taf

This past week, Cleveland had the privilege of hosting the second 2019 Shvatim shabbaton, bringing together Cleveland, Detroit and Toronto. Even though there was a busy arrival Thursday night, everyone hit the ground running the next day. On Friday, after minyan, we traveled to The Force for fun sports. Afterwards, there were short presentations from Dan Katz and Michal Jacob about Mach Hach and MTVA, after which everyone went home to prepare for Shabbat. After opening mifkad and davening with Green Road Synagogue, everyone joined together for a dinner, Dvar Torah and Peulot led by Yakov Fleischamann, Dan and Michal, followed by Tisch.

On shabbat, after davening with green road, we had Parsha Shiurim with our local Scholars. After that, everyone came together for a nice lunch, followed by a Peula about taking responsibility, led by our Bogrim. After a nice shaleshudis, all of the three regions sang songs together, bringing an amazing Shabbat to a close. On Motzei Shabbat, everyone went to glow in the dark sky zone for jumping and dodgeball fun. After the last mifkad of the shabbaton, everyone got sweatshirts and bid farewell to their friends, rounding off a successful shvatim shabbaton!