Roshim Spotlight

With: Moshe Amar | Rosh Snif, Lower Merion




Current role in Bnei Akiva

Rosh Snif of Hollywood Florida

What is your first memory of Bnei Akiva?

My first memory of Bnei Akiva was when I was a child. Back then snif used to be done at both the Shabbat park and at Shul. I remember one week playing capture the flag then sitting around in a circle discussing the Parsha. Whoever had the soccer ball in there hands was able to speak so we passed the ball around giving everyone a chance to speak.

Why do you think it’s so important to be involved in Bnei Akiva as a High Schooler?

As a High Schooler, one spends most of there time on there personal hobbies or  studying. An average high schooler does not get the chance to get experienced as being a leader of a movement/ organization. Bnei Akiva not only allows for high- schoolers, like myself, that enjoys watching over and dealing with kids, Bnei Akiva also empowers teens to truly experience what it means it wo as a team and take charge, takimg matters into there own hands. Now while that may not seem so valuable now, when one enters any proffesional field one needs to have to ability to be flexible, a cooporative teammate,  and an understanding leader. These skills I myself have found to be the fundamentals of being a Madrich in Bnei Akiva.

Tell us your favourite Bnei Akiva experience?

My favorite Bnei Akiva experience easily has to be the first event I ever  planned and ran- of course with the help of Madrichim. It was a beach chill where we brought food, a speaker, and of course football and frisbee. This was a turning point for me from being an ordinary Madrich who simply shows up and helps when help is needed to taking charge and telling others where help is needed. I have always believed if you want something done right you must do it with your own hands. In Bnei Akiva you learn that for an event to be successful you need to trust your Madrichim that they are an extension of your own hands – just as good as you are- who can help you with the jobs that need to be done.  Bnei Akiva changed that motto for me to now understanding that one can not do a whole job like planning and running an event alone, rather with the help of the right Madrichim: working all together as one team with one common goal.

Where is your dream place to live in Israel?

My dream place in Israel definitely has to be up North. I’m an adventurous person who likes hiking and whenever I go to Israel I always make sure that my itinerary has some active outdoorsy activity. That being that I have fallen in love with the north of Israel and wish to live there for the remainder of my life.

What does Torah V Avodah mean to you?

Torah V Avodah is far more than a slogan to me. For me Torah V Avodah is the ideal lifestyle on how  every Jew should spend there time doing: half there time learning Torah and the other half helping out the community or building the land of Israel.

Who would you rather be David Ben Gurion or Golda Meir?

While Golda Meir is an inspiration to me how she was the first female priminister in times when female roles in politics were unheard of; I have to stick with my guy David Ben Gurion.  

He stuck up for the Jewish people in times post Holocaust when our surrounding neighbors wished for the death of him. David stuck up for the Jewish people right after one THE worst Jewish persecution and even to all mankind. He showed the rest of the world that Israel has been and will always stand to be a  a Jewish State. He stuck up for his believes even when others did not stand with him.

What one item is a must to pack for a Bnei Akiva Shabbaton?

A Tilboshet of course.

Easiest question I answered so far.

Most meaningful Zionist/Jewish quote?

גם זו לטובה

What is your aliyah date?

Rosh Chodesh Elul 5780.