Quarantine Quotes

By: Moshe Amar | Rosh Snif, Hollywood

The Corona Virus has led every single school in America to quarantine. The life of quarantine is like Sunday every day; you are tired all day and you are sitting at home. Some classes are more difficult than others via zoom. For example, I do not have a problem with שיעור during גמרה class. Rabbi Sugerman is a professional at being able to keep the crowd attentive at times and fool around with the class during the remainder of the class. On the other hand, are there classes that struggle to keep everyone paying attention. 

That being said living at home the whole day is not that bad. I take my computer wherever I want. I  usually go outside to have classes. Today I had my lunch early and went on running during my lunch slot: which is from 12 -> 1.  After that I relaxed and side with a nice consistent AC. At school I find the class weather tends to be inconsistent. Some classes are really hot and others are freezing. My house is set at the same temperature. All in all, quarantine has treated me right!

On a side note Bnei Akiva of Florida will be soon opening Saturday night Havdallah and Thursday night Kumzitz featuring various mix is Nigghuns and songs.