Parshat Vayetzei

By: Ori Friedmann | Shaliach Bnei Akiva, Houston

“And whatever You will give me, I shall repeatedly tithe it to you.” (Gen. 28:22)

The Shulchan Aruch states that one is required to take a tenth of what he earns and give it to Tzdaka. We see from Yaakov that giving a tithe to charity is not limited to money – it actually includes anything that God gives you. 

Yaakov says to God, “Whatever you shall give me, I shall repeatedly tithe it to you.” You are required to share with others any talents or knowledge that God has granted you. Just like God gave you money to be able to help others, He gives positive attributes and qualities so that you can help others.

Whether you are a Shaliach, Madrich or Chanich- we are all part of something big together, one big Movement, one big Tnuah. It is up to us to give all that we can, from our hearts, our talents and ourselves, to make Bnei Akiva the amazing movement that it is today!


(Idea from Rabbi Eli Scheller)