Parshat Noach

By: Eli Veresh | Shaliach, Montreal

In this week’s parsha, Hashem commands Noah to create a small Tzohar (window) in the arc. In the practical aspect, Noah had to build a hatch for the arc to send the crow and dove through to check if the land was dry.

I would like to give another aspect here – from a Shaliach’s point of view, since it is clear that Noah was a Shaliach to the Lord’s Word. Every Shaliach should make his own tzhohar. Amidst all the busy work everyday – you sometimes have to raise your head and look out of our arc.

Noah was preoccupied with his work, both in building the arc and being in it for 150 days. How easy it is to get sucked into this Sisyphean job. Take care of the daily tasks, feed the animals, take care of everyone, make sure everything works according to the plans at all hours of the day. We, too, the apostles work hard. And it is important that we create, just as Noah created – a small window for the arc to remember to always look outside, the world to crush our work, the people in the community we have not yet touched, the Chanichim who need more attention, our families in Israel, all those little things It’s easy to forget in our busy holy work.

Only such a small tzhohar can create a work area for us where we will continue to work vigorously in our sacred mission work. 

Shabbat Shalom from Montreal