Moshavot Online – Wildrose!

Adina Weitzner | Bogeret, Toronto

Even though we have been stuck inside for the past few weeks, Moshava Wild Rose hasn’t stopped spreading ruach and fun through tons of amazing online programming. We started off with a fantastic Zoom shlock rock concert, had slow Shira and havdallahs! We did a cooking demo with our chef Zev, a Q&A with our Rosh Mosh Ariella, along with matzah making, and then leading up to Pesach our roshei eidot led peulot about the plagues! During Chol we had a dance party with DJ Raphi and a beautiful hallel led by Rav Shalom. We continue to post videos and have contests to really make it feel like #campallyear. Some of these fun contests include: Nikayon contest, T-shirt design contest, and adding a verse to the camp song contest. To wrap it all up our tzevet made a beautiful video to adon olam to share with the whole wildrose mishpacha!