Moshava BaMachshev

By: Ilan Sheilds | Boger, Toronto

Due to these unprecedented times, Moshava Ennismore has started a new initiative called Moshava B’Machshev to keep our Moshava family busy! Every day, members of the Ennismore tzevet run a 30 minute-hour peulah for tzevet and chanichim. Moshava B’machshev opened with virtual mifkad, led by Rosh Mosh, David Jesin and there have been all kinds of peulot including workouts by Rosh Sports, Avi Karakowsky, Arts and Crafts led by Rosh Omanut, Noami Blitz and a shiur by Rav Machane, Rav Boaz Mori. It’s been an amazing initiative and I cannot wait for what other amazing peulot Moshava B’machshev will bring us!