Moshava Bair Planting

Moshava Bair!
Robyn Adams | Director of Programming MBNJ

In Correlation to Earth Day, Moshava Ba’ir New Jersey and Grow Torah teamed up to give us a fantastic introduction to starting your own garden. We learned about composting, repurposing recyclables, and experimenting with seeds from the foods that we eat. It’s amazing what you can do with garbage! You can take things that would have been trash and live the mitzvah of Baal Tashchit. The Sefer Hachinuch explains the tzadikim rishonim wouldn’t waste even a tiny mustard seed. We were given step by step instructions on how to start a garden from items around the house. Rewatch the exceptionally informative and educational session on our Facebook page. Tremendous hakarat hatov to Yosef Gillers from Grow Torah for taking the time to teach us how to start our own garden!