Moshava Ba’ir Oneg – Online!

Robyn Adams | Director of Bnei Akiva North East

Friends and Family of the Moshava Ba’ir community joined together in a virtual Oneg Shabbat last Friday afternoon. It kicked off the show rock in’ it with Randi as she led us in song. Some of the popular tunes included,  It’s Time to Say Good Shabbos, 

Shalom Aleichem, and our all-time favorite, Shabbos Kugel Eater! 

We continued with a wonderful monologue skit by our one and only, Coach Leora! Or should we say, Moshe. We learned all out the importance of the small Aleph in ויקרא and the importance of all Korbanot, big or small. Coach Leora ended off with a valuable lesson, that any amount of help that we can give our parents, big or small, is appreciated! 

Next up, our beloved Rosh Mosh Joey led the crowd in an incredible interactive game of Jeopardy. Chanichim went toe to toe answering questions about Pesach and Moshava Ba’ir Trivia. 

Finally, we finished off our session with a beautiful sing-a-long of Ahavat Yisrael, Hatkiva, and Brachot. It was such a beautiful way to head into Shabbat and we look forward to doing it again soon!