Moshava Ba’ir Chicago Highlight!

This summer, Moshava Ba’ir opened its doors in Chicago! Housed in Ida Crown Jewish Academy, the camp is headed by Chicago native director Arianne Pinchot Weinstein and veteran day camp administrator “Rosh Mosh” Ari Nussbaum. The first half of the summer has been a huge success. Attracting over 300 campers in its first year, chanichim are engaged in a very special Chinuch program focusing on Mitzvot Bein Adam L’Chavero, interpersonal relationships. Every week focuses on a unique mitzvah and chanichim have the opportunity to earn raffle tickets if they practice the mitzvah or share what they learned about the topic with their family members.
At this point, campers have played bubble soccer in the field to commemorate Esav “man of the field’s” kibud av v’eim, decorated slippers to give to their parents, and (literally!) “stepped into the shoes” of others through roller skating to model dan l’kaf zechut. They have tie-dyed t-shirts, danced their hearts out during Zumba and Frumba, fed animals at a petting zoo, made slime, learned how to work with wood, tried to beat Arduino based lie detectors, tossed water balloons, and were visited by an ice cream truck to receive a chilly treat. Most recently in cooking, they iced graham crackers with blue frosting and put kosher goldfish on top- to symbolize the need to do Hashavat Aveidah for all kinds of items…but not a string of fish left in the street. (How many other camps have baking peulah literally draw from Mishnayot?) During Torah Truth or Dare for m’dvar sheker tirchak/ honesty week, the chanichim had the opportunity to dunk their counselors in a dunk tank!
The week before Tisha B’av showcased opportunities to practice ahavat chinam through Chesed. Campers arranged beautiful bouquets to be delivered to Park Plaza, a local senior living facility. They engaged in a local jump rope competition “Jumpathon” to support Chai Lifeline. Additionally, they partnered with SOLU to pack lunches for the homeless and create back-to-school supply kits for refugees. Finishing off the week with a bang, they engaged in The Great Big Challah Bake and had their first round of raffles for Chinuch! Several lucky winners walked away with gift cards to Amazon, Target and Five Below.
It has been an incredible few weeks, and we can’t wait for next session!