Making Mifkad Virtual!

By: Tehila Bitton | Mazirah, Great Neck

Everyone felt the familiar warmth of bnei Akiva as they joined the world bnei akiva virtual snif and were greeted with various people yelling words in different languages. We stumbled through Mifkad as we all lovingly sang out the words to our anthem; not so much in sync, but very much in unity. Seeing the uniforms and smiling faces that we all missed so much, there was a communal sigh of relief. Despite all the commotion, stress, panic, and solidarity felt throughout the world recently; the members of Bnei Akiva across the globe were back at home. 

We received a beautiful message from a Bogeret in Rome, and were inspired by the new progressive route which Bnei Akiva will be taking. Despite these times of quarantine, Bnei Akiva is now going to be more united than ever and we will hopefully have the chance to hear a lot more from all the snifim! Together, we all shouted “!יברכך ה׳” and left the meeting excited and motivated to embark on this new journey with our אחים ואחיות in World Bnei Akiva snif.