Make your own Crembo

By: Moshe Amar | Rosh Snif Hollywood FL

This past Saturday night, my family and I hosted a make your own Crembo night for Chevra Bet Bnei Akiva of Florida. We made our own tasty Crembos’ all with different designs and sizes. We also had tomato soup and hot chocolate. Now kind of Bnei Akiva event would this be without an intense game of Pictionary- boys vs. girls. The girls had the lead the whole game, sadly. Regardless, the boys did not give up without putting up a fight. There were rounds where the boys got over 15 points in around and there were rounds where we did not even get one. 

This went on for several rounds back and forth till the girls eventually won. Make your own Crembo was a success for the girls and a tasty treat for the boys.