Limmud Madrachim


This past Shabbat, Bnei Akiva Atlanta had the privilege of welcoming the director of Camp Stone, Yaakov Fleischmann, to lead our limud before snif. Yakov focused on Avrahams purchase of Ma’arat HaMachpela and the misconceptions around it. He showed us that while we learn as kids that Avraham was offered the property for free, he turned it down, and paid a high price for it, the real story is more complicated. Avraham wanted to ensure his continued ownership of the property, and so he agreed to pay the exorbitant fee to acquire the cave and the surrounding land. The message from this story, Yakov told us, is that when we do something, we should do it right and make sure not to ignore the little details that could turn out to be a big deal later on.