Kenes Shlichim!

By: Aviva Friedmann | Shlicha, Houston

This past weekend all the BANA Shlichim came together for a Shabbat to remember. We started out on Thursday at American Dream (school day so no lines, yay!), with rides and roller coasters galore. After spending the day there we met up in New Jersey to begin our Kenes Shlichim. From Montreal to Texas, Teaneck to Florida, we all came together to learn and discuss our Bnei Akiva Snifim. 

Besides learning, discussing, singing, great food and enjoying, the best part about the Kenes was coming together as one big family of Shlichim, and feeling as if we were all together in Israel for the weekend!

Thank you so much to Rav Shaul, BANA and World Bnei Akiva for an amazing time! We are all already counting down the time until next year!