Interview with Moshava Wild Rose Camp Director

Dikla (Stanleigh) Weitzner | Toronto, Ontario, CA


Current role in Bnei Akiva
Moshava of Wild Rose Director 

What is your first memory of Bnei Akiva? 
A grade 3 shabbaton 

Your favourite bnei akiva memory?
My summers at Moshava Wild Rose and the friends I made. Second is being a part of opening Moshava Ba’ir Toronto  

What is, and will be your biggest achievement in Bnei Akiva?
Getting Bnei Akiva and Moshava name out to more kids and communities – helping as many kids be able to attend sleepover camp

Where is your dream place to live in Israel?
Either Modiin or Jerusalem 

What is your favorite Israeli food?
The Israeli coffee 🙂

Tell us something that you gained from Bnei Akiva:
Something I learned and want to pass on to others would be my love for learning, which came from camp. I was always happy to go to Shiur because it was interesting and I enjoyed being a part of it. That helped with my love for informal education and how I raise my family and run Moshava. 

Tim Hortons or Aroma? 
Aroma – having a kosher one in Toronto helps! Just like the coffee better too. 

What is the best meal in moshava Wild rose?
That’s tough because there are so many! Growing up it was the Friday night meatballs. Now the pizza lunch is amazing! 

Why is Moshava Wild Rose such a special place for you?
Growing up at Wild Rose I lived summer to summer. I felt that I belonged there with my camp friends more than anywhere else. Seeing my children experience that and feel the same way gave new meaning to how special Moshava Wild Rose is to me. There are so many reasons, being there again really is a dream come true. 

Describe Bnei Akiva in three words?
Ruach, Friendship, community (of course also Torah V’Avodah and Israel!)

Most meaningful Zionist/Jewish quote?
Im Tirzu Ein Zo Agadah  -If you will it, it is no dream!

What is your educational philosophy?
That each child learns and grows differently and that informal education should be infused in everything we do.