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With: Yosef and Efrat Cashdan | Shlichim, Cleveland


Yosef Cashdan

Efrat Cashdan



Current role in Bnei Akiva

Shaliach in Cleveland

Where in Israel do you live?


What is your first memory of Bnei Akiva?

Yosef: In BA Manchester at Snif on Shabbat, playing a game at a Peula about the missing soldiers, we had to close our eyes and count to 60 in our heads, when we thought that a minute had passed, we had to sit down.

Efrat: I remember the moment when I received my first invitation to our first Peula at Snif with our madrichot. We had waited so long to be part of Bnei Akiva and it was very exciting. The invitation was very well-done, handwritten, we were so hyped.

What did you do in the army?

Yosef: Staff Sergeant in Maglan a unit in the Commando Brigade

Efrat: I was in Sherut Leumi: In my first year I was a Bat Sherut in Jaffo, we taught Judaism at secular high schools and in the afternoons we helped out at Learning centres for Olim from Ethiopia.

In my second year, I was a Bet Sherut in St. Louis. We worked in 3 different schools: reform, conservative and orthodox and in addition we ran the Bnei Akiva Snif there.

Why did you decide to go on Bnei Akiva shlichut?

Yosef: It was something that I had always thought about. I grew up in England and since we made Aliyah, I had always felt a desire to go back and motivate others.

Efrat: The idea of Shlichut had been strong inside us for a long time. But the decision to go was pretty spontaneous. We see it very important to connect between Am Yisrael in Israel and Am Yisrael in Chutz La’Aretz. We thought it would be best for us to work with the youth and build relationships with them. We can’t wait to continue our Shlichut in Israel to welcome all the Olim from Cleveland and keep building our relationships

Tell us your favourite Bnei Akiva of the US and Canada experience?

Yosef: Finishing the clean up after Purim Carnival. After weeks of preparation and effort the project has come to an end – I enjoy looking back at what we have accomplished.

Efrat: Shabbatonim! They’re full of Ruach. The Chevre have a good time with their friends and it’s really amazing being with our Madrichim and Chanichim for a full weekend!

What does Torah V Avodah mean to you?

Yosef: The only formula that can succeed in bringing the Geula Shleima

Efrat: Torat Chaim, everything you do in your life is a result of our connection with the Torah

What was one thing that you felt you brought with you on shlichut?

Yosef: A strong desire to connect the youth to the idea of rebuilding the Jewish Nation in the Land of Israel

Efrat: A strong will to develop deep connections with the youth and to connect them to Eretz Yisrael with love and enthusiasm

Most meaningful Zionist/Jewish quote?

קדש חייך בתורה וטהרם בעבודה

Name the place in Israel that you are most connected to and why?

Yosef: Judea and Samaria, it’s in that part of our Land that our Avot traveled back and forth countlessly. I also had the privilege of living, learning, hiking and defending there for the last 7 years (before our Shlichut 🙂

Efrat: The old city, it’s our holiest place and just so happens to be the place where I grew up and have all my childhood memories