Interview Time

With: Alan Silverman | Camp Director of Moshava IO


Alan Silverman





Current role in Bnei Akiva

Camp Director – Moshava IO


Where in Israel do you live?

Alon Shvut


What is your first memory of Bnei Akiva?

Playing – “Steal the Kosher Bacon” at snif in Cleveland Heights


Your favorite Bnei Akiva memory?

Taking our Chanichim on a mystery bus ride to the airport in Cleveland and having a kumsitz on a large jet plane parked at the terminal. 


What was/is/hope to be your biggest achievement in Bnei Akiva?

Mazkir Chinuch for BA for 6 years and of course, Moshava IO director for 34 years


Where is your dream place to live in Israel?

Somewhere in the Golan or in Yerushalayim


What is your favorite Israeli food? 

NOT Shakshuka!


Tell us something that you gained from Bnei Akiva that you want to pass on to others?  

The destiny of the Jewish people is to build a nation in our homeland in Israel 


Dunkin Donuts or Aroma? And Why? 

DD – Better Coffee


What is the best meal in Moshava IO? 

Corn Flake Chicken, rice, salad


Why is Moshava IO such a special place for you?

Greatest staff and campers in the world – Full of energy, commitment to each other and to the values of Religious Zionism and Bein Adam LeChavero – a real Garden of Eden that has the most profound impact on all that are part of this great educational endeavor.


Describe Bnei Akiva in three words? 

Kadima Bnei Akiva!


Most meaningful Zionist/Jewish quote? 

Chamishim Tzadikim B’Toch HaIr – A righteous person must be involved in the world around them 


What is your educational philosophy? 

Empower all those around you to achieve their ultimate potential and be open and accepting of the plethora of differences that make our world such a wonderful place to live and work in.