How to Stay Connected

Aviva Friedmann | Houston, Shlicha

How do we keep our snifim connected, when we are forced apart?

That is the question that our entire movement is asking in these crazy times!

In our snif here in Houston, we have gone virtual. With a mifkad every Friday, peulot for all of the Shvatim throughout the week, social media quizzes and contests, a “Madrich in quarantine” blog and a peula that parents can print out and run with their kids on Shabbat- b”h our snif is still running strong!

But of course, no amount of Zif (zoom snif) can replace the real thing.

We hope and pray that everything will be over soon, wish a refua shlema to all those who are sick, and shout out to all of our Bnei Akiva family around the world- we will make it through this! Just imagine the amazing first snif after all of this is over 🙂