Houston Yashvatzim

By: Aviva Freedman | Shliacha Houston

This week, the Madrichim in Snif Bnei Akiva Houston designed and made pins for their Chultzot Tnuah (tilboshets). During our past Yashvatzim (tzevet meetings), we have been discussing goals on both a snif- wide level and a personal level. After deciding on 10 general goals for our Snif, each madrich decided on a personal goal that they have for themselves- for example, instilling the love of Israel and BA in our chanichim, being a “Rosh Gadol”, bringing lots of Ruach to the Snif and more. Each Madrich then wrote/ drew out that goal, and made it into a pin, that they can always carry with them as a reminder on their Tilboshet.