Houston in the Spotlight!

Tzevet Spotlight

Natanya Ruben | Rosh Chevraya Bet, Houston


With: Natanya Ruben

Shevet: Hineini!!!

Current role in Bnei Akiva: Rosh chevraya bet

What is your first memory of Bnei Akiva?: Playing I am sitting on a chair at snif

Why do you think it’s so important to be involved in Bnei Akiva as a High Schooler?: Being able to have that connection with Israel and Zionism as well as appreciating it is fundamental as a Jewish teen and Bnei akiva really instills those values within us

Tell us your favourite Bnei Akiva experience?: Going water tubing for our end of the year chevraya bet activity

Where is your dream place to live in Israel?: Netanya obviously

What does Torah V Avodah mean to you?: Both in a historical and a modern sense of being educated on our history of the Torah and working the land or teaching our chanichim what we can do to spread Zionism 

Who would you rather be David Ben Gurion or Golda Meir?: Definitely golda meir 

What one item is a must to pack for a Bnei Akiva Shabbaton?: Galil swag

Most meaningful Zionist/Jewish quote?: “אם אין אני לי, מי לי (if I am not for myself who will be for me)

What is your aliyah date?: As soon as possible