Greater Philadelphia Shabbaton

By: Gaby Gindoff | Rosh Snif, Philadelphia

Over 70 Vav and Zach Chanichim and Madrichim from 3 Snifim (Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, & Lower Merion) gathered this past Shabbat for this years first Regional Shabbaton for Bnei Akiva of Greater Philadelphia, graciously hosted by Bnei Akiva of Lower Merion. We enjoyed delicious Chinese food, a Kiddush after Shacharit featuring donuts and sushi, and lots of candy at a Friday night Tisch led by one of Lower Merion’s Roshei Snif and a visiting Boger. 

Our enlightening Peulot focused on dealing with peer pressure, how we perceive people, and the difficulty of prioritizing our values. Through games we learned that people rank family, friends, Torah, Midot, and basketball differently and that it is important to look beyond people’s appearances while reserving judgement about who they truly are as individuals. 

After a moving Slow Shira and Havdalah (led in part by the Shaliach of Lower Merion, Oded Pe’er), we reconvened Motzei Shabbat for a high-spirited Memory Matching game, competing in challenges and baking our own personal pizzas. Everyone went home very happy with a beanie sporting the Bnei Akiva Semel!