Florida Oneg News!

Manhigut Oneg – Yaffe Shekhter – Rosh Manhigut Florida 

Last Friday night, over 50 9th graders from Hollywood and Boca participated in the first Manhigut oneg of the year. There was inspirational singing and lots of food. We were privileged to hear from Alan Silverman, the director of Camp Moshava I.O., who spoke about the importance of giving of one’s self in order to fulfill mitzvot and become a leader in your community. We hope that his words inspired the incoming Madrichim for next year. 


Oneg with Rav Yair – Moshe Amar Rosh Snif Hollywood, FL

Last Friday Night Rabbi Nachabr hosted a Oneg for the 11th and 12th graders. His Dining room was filled with 30 men from students to the Rabbis in our community. We were honored to have a Oneg with the presence of Rav Yair. His stories filled the dining room with Ruach. The singing and the banging all contributed to the successful Oneg. Rav Yair had us all on the floor while he explains the meaning of a Oneg, following some inspirational Niguns. This Oneg was the first to many more to fill the streets of Hollywood with Ruach! 

Shabbat afternoon  Bnei Akiva and the Young Israel held a joint teen Seuda Shlishit with slow shira and words of inspiration from Rav Yair. He focused on the power of leadership and being a Torah Jew. Happy Thanksgiving and Shabbat Shalom:)