Congrats Mazkirim!

Cammie Beniflah | Rosh Snif Philly

This past Sunday, I participated in a virtual Mazkirim Graduation to end off the year on a happy note for those who are graduating. We started off by playing a fun kahoot made by Talya Saban that really made us laugh. We then moved on to a wonderful performance presented by Eliav Saban playing the guitar and Benji Marcus singing a song dedicated to all the mazkirim of this year. There was also a slideshow presentation(with some sappy music of course) to acknowledge every mazkir and rosh who contributed so much to make this year great. It consisted of some artfully cropped photos of every mazkir on a slide for each location. The beginning of the program was so fun, but for me, the highlight of the night was getting to hear everyone’s stories of their favorite memories of being a madrich. Getting to reflect on all of our great experiences from Shabbatonim and snif brought closure to the year and made me excited to move forward to the upcoming year. It was awesome to connect and have fun with people from all over North America amidst the chaos that is going on. Thank you Talya Saban and Devorah Goldson for guiding us through this year and always being there for us, and good luck in Israel to all the graduates.