Cleveland Carnival!

By: Jacob Israelstam | Rosh Purim Carnival, Cleveland

This past Sunday, Bnei Akiva Cleveland  hosted their annual Purim Carnival. Carnival is one of the biggest events that BAC puts on for the entire community. However, there is so much to do prior to the carnival itself. This year I was pleased to work with an amazing team of 5, Leora Taub, Eliana Jacobs, Ezra Shiller, Bethy Rush, and me, that worked for hours on end for two months before the carnival. We each had certain jobs such as ordering prizes, ordering food, making T-shirts and swag, and creating paintings that would really enhance the theme of the carnival. This year’s theme was tropical island, so any decorations and paintings were made to fit the tropical theme. When it was finally time to set up the carnival itself, we had an amazing crowd of Fuchs Mizrachi high school students who spent hours helping us set up all the booths and decorations for the big event. The next day was carnival. We had volunteers from the middle school to the high school volunteer to run booths such as cotton candy, snow cones, inflatables, and even goldfish ping pong. Throughout the day, hundreds of people from the community would pour in and take part in the amazing carnival that Bnei Akiva has put hours of hard work in. Carnival was a huge success! All the hard work and long hours had finally paid off. Each member of the carnival committee was amazed and proud of their accomplishment and were so happy to have been a part of such an amazing event that the entire community looks forward to.


I want to thank all of Roshei Carnival for everything they did. You all put so much time and effort into this and you really made carnival the success it was. You all made my last carnival the most amazing one and I want to thank you for that. Thank you for everything and I can’t wait to see what you all do in the future.