Chicago Sukkot Fun

By:  Tova Kahan | Mazkira Galil 

What a fun-filled, educational Sukkot it was for Bnei Akiva of Chicago!


Chevraya Aleph got ready for the holiday with an arts and crafts event at which they created their very own Yerushalayim-themed Sukkah decorations. Chevraya Bet participated in its annual Schach Run, delivering Sukkah materials to Jewish communities near and far and having a great time together in the process.


Later on in the week, Aleph participants took part in a Sukkah Hop where they raced to find Ushpizin and complete challenges relating to the lives of each one. They traveled from station to station meeting these important figures, gaining important lessons and candy at each one.


Zach got together for a fun opening event on Chol HaMoed hosted by their Roshim. They got to meet their counselors, play games with them, and most importantly enjoy pizza together in the Sukkah.


We are looking forward to further exciting upcoming events as we approach Chodesh Irgun including trips to Altitude and Top Golf, all leading up to our Galil Shabbaton!