Chanukkah in Montreal

By: Eli Veresh | Shaliach Bnei Akiva, Montreal

Every year the question arises: How can a Chanukah Carnival be held on Shabbat? After all, the challenge is big – most Chanukah games include fire, lights and crafts.

This year, just like last year, the amazing Madrichim of Bnei Akiva Montreal managed to overcome the barrier, producing a great and amazing party on Shabbat at Snif.

What did we have there? A “candle tail” game in which the candle tied on the back should be inserted into a bottle. Chanukah word search game. Great “Spot It” on the wall. Flip the Latex. Find the letters “NES” in a dark box. Paste the candle for the menorah. Maccabowling. And lots of games, donuts, Chanukah guelts, and of course – the big raffle! The grand prize was official basketball. Our Madrichim, accompanied by the Roshim and Mazkirim, also proved this year that a Carnival at Snif with 100 Chanichim is something we have already become accustomed to!