Chag BaBayit

Uriel Williams | Efrat

I was so excited when I sat at the Seder table for Chag and saw that my parents had printed a choveret for the chag that was made by Bnei Akiva. It was so much fun to get to read all of the divrei torah and do all the quizzes at the different Chag and Shabbat meals. Even though we are in Israel and so did not have a second day Chag being on a full lockdown the schedule for 2nd day of Chag helped me and my younger brother have a fun filled day. 

At the Seder my brother and I played they Makot matching game after we read the 10 Makot, it was a really fun way to help him understand what each of the Makot meant especially since he has not had school to learn this past month to learn all about them. 

I was very upset that we did not have the ingredients to make the brownies because they sound so yummy my mother promised next year we will make them. It was so funny to see the different songs that I had forgotten about from when I was in Gan Netivot as a little kid when we were on our first shlichut in Toronto. We tried to remember the tunes to some of them. 

My most favorite part of the enitre chovert were the three family learning cheburahot. We sat for over an hour each day learning the different sources as an entire family, my brother Arye got a little distracted a few time but every time we mentioned the Beit HaMikdash he got very excited because he is dreaming of having his Bar Mitzva on Har HaBayit in 6 years time.  

Our family every shabbat has slow shira in our garden using a random mix of song sheets collected from BAUK, the different Moshavot, Bnei Akiva Toronto & Florida and my Bar Mitzvah, It was so nice to have a new Slow Shira sheet to add to the collection, i am always surprised that there are different songs on the different sheets.