This past summer marked MBNJ’s 10th summer of providing a warm and fun environment with an extensive range of top of the line activities and an experiential chinuch program. The last week was jam-packed with Olympiada, Dr. Shnitzel, Magic Mehl and of course, preparing for our end of summer carnival! There is nothing more special than seeing our chanichim come together to participate in the Olmypiada games. It was an absolute blast combining competitive sports games with a recap of our Chinuch curriculum and Chinuch trivia.

The week ended on a high with the End of Summer Carnival where over 2,000 chanichim and families joined together for an outstanding performance by all the eidot (age groups), which included singing, dancing, and daglanut! Then came the breathtaking video highlighting all the amazing memories we’ve made over the past 10 years. Families then made their way outside for a one-of-a-kind carnival where everyone got to unwind and enjoy being together. There was everything from bouncy houses, rock climbing, jumbo bounce slides to carnival games, a photobooth and more. Parents got to experience first-hand the ruach that fills camp every day, as well as activities like holding lizards and petting bunnies from the Gan Chayot. It was truly a memorable experience for all.

See you next year Moshava Ba’ir! For now — see you at snif!