Camp Moshava IO Update!

Ivy Tirosh | Moshava IO

This week we have slowed down a bit since all are back “at school”.  Thank G-d!

We had our Cocoa Club on Sunday at 9:30 AM, which we have every Sunday. Learning and hot cocoa. Bring your own hot cocoa. Come and Join!

During Chol HaMoed we had many incredible events:

– Sun Apr 12: Zoom Dance Party with DJ Raphi. Was very well attended. 100+ people

– Mon Apr 13: Baking brownie bites with Rosa our new baker. about 40-50 people. 

– Tues Apr 14: Teva scavenger hunt challenge


We also have been running a #magicofmoshava video competition. Winners will be announced soon!!

In addition to our efforts there are a number of bunk reunions that spontaneously take place that are initiated by the campers. They all just want to see each other. 🙂 

I think that is it for now. More to come!