Boca Manhigut

By: Judah Berman | Rosh Manhigut, Boca

This Sunday, we had the first Manhigut meeting of the year. Several 9th graders met up with Manhigut Roshim at Cinnaholic in Boca to discuss current events, issues, and the technicalities of leadership. While enjoying a platter of cookies, brownies, and baby buns, we talked about Israel, Bnei Akiva’s message, and how to set a good example for kids. The 9th graders got their first taste of being a Madrich, and were able to meet new people and create new friendships. After a couple rounds of discussion, everyone settled back and had a good time. This marks the beginning of many different meetings, with more to come shortly. We hope that a new group of 9th graders will be able to come in and join into the group for an amazing experience.