Bnei Akiva of Philadelphia Movie Night

By: Gabi Gindoff | Rosh Snif, Philadelphia

On Motzei Shabbat 1/25/20, we enjoyed one of our favorite Bnei Akiva of Philadelphia traditions, which we call B”A Movie Night. As in the past, it was a huge success! People in the community and our Snif’s Chanichim look forward to these winter-time Motzei Shabbat events. Movie Night features a popular animated kids’ movie and plenty of free popcorn, ice cream, snacks and juice. This event usually attracts people of all ages who happily munch while watching the movie projected onto a big screen in our Shul’s Social Hall.

Our Madrichim have fond memories of themselves as children contentedly nibbling in the dark next to family and friends. We hope this tradition will be continued by our current Chanichim when they become Madrichim and well into the future.