BANE Shlichot Shabbaton

By: Robyn Adams | Director of BANE

This past Shabbat, Bnei Akiva North East held a Shabbaton for the Shlichot to come together and reflect on the positive impact they can make individually and as a community. They were welcomed by the beautiful community of Teaneck and the Congregation of Rinat Yisrael. Under the auspices of Rav Noam Perel of Susya Israel, the Shlichot took the time to discover themselves through the Midrash. From Kabbalat Shabbat through Havdala, every moment was filled with growth, bonding, and Torah. 

איזהו חכם – הלומד מכל אדם One of the lessons we can walk away with is understanding that we can learn from anyone. 

They ended the shabbaton with an exhilarating trip to American Dream Mall Nickelodeon Universe to let loose and celebrate all of the wonderful things they have accomplished thus far.