A week of Limmud Torah

By: Noah Roffe | Rosh Snif, Chicago

Galil Chicago was honored to host Rav Yair Ha’Levi shlita, the Rosh Yeshiva from YTVA. He gave shiurim to students of both high-schools and joined Bnei Akiva chicago for an amazing hadracha chaburah at the lishka. We have a tremendous amount of hakarot ha’tov to Rav Yair to providing us with inspirational words of Torah during his very busy and short stay in Chicago.

The following night we were privileged in having Rav Aharon Leibtag host our Tam TNM (Thursday Night Mishmar) with Tam and Hadracha on the topic of Dan L’Kaf Zechut. All in all, a packed week of Talmud Torah in Galil Chicago.