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Check out our albums of pictures from around camp and from the daily trips! Pictures taken by Lisa Appelbaum

8/16/13 Friday Week 8

8/15/13 Camp Carnival

8/15/13 Thursday Week 8

8/15/13 Eidah Bet's Trip to Overpeck Park

8/14/13 Wednesday Week 8

8/14/13 Eidah Gimmel's Trip to Bowler City

8/13/13 Eidah Hey's Trip to Bowler City

8/13/13 Tuesday Week 8

8/12/13 Eidah Daled's Trip to Bowler City and EJ's

8/9/13 Color War Closing Ceremony

8/9/13 Color War (Friday Week 7)

8/8/13 Color War Breakout!

8/8/13 Eidah Bet's Trip to Bounce U

8/8/13 Thursday Week 7

8/7/13 Eidah Gimmel's Trip to Lawrence Farms

8/6/13 Eidah Hey's Trip to Lake Hopatcong

8/5/13 Eidah Daled's Trip to Lawrence Farms

8/2/13 Friday Week 6 (Zugot Day!)

8/1/13 Thursday Week 6

8/1/13 Eidah Bet's Trip to Bowcraft (Please see the last picture)

7/31/13 Eidah Gimmel's Trip to Funplex

7/30/13 Eidah Hey's Overnight at Camp

7/29/13 Monday Week 6

7/29/13 Eidah Daled's Trip to Gravity Vault

7/26/13 Friday Week 5

7/25/13 Eidah Bet's Trip to Turtle Back Zoo

7/24/13 Eidah Gimmel's Trip to Bowcraft Amusement Park

7/23/13 Eidah Hey's Trip to The Beast in NYC

7/22/13 Eidah Daled's Trip to Bounce!

7/22/13 Monday Week 5

7/19/13 Olympiada Closing Ceremony 

7/19/13 Friday Week 4

7/18/13 Olympiada Breakout and Activities 

7/18/13 Eidah Bet Decorating Cupcakes

7/18/13 Eidah Aleph's Trip to World of Wings

7/17/13 Eidah Gimmel's Trip to Kidnetic

7/15/13 Eidah Daled's Trip to Branchburg Sports Complex

7/12/13 Third Shabbas Oneg

7/12/13 Friday Week 3

7/11/13 Eidah Aleph's Trip to Bowcraft Amusement Park

7/10/13 Eidah Gimmel's Trip to Powerhouse Studio

7/10/13 Wednesday Week 3

7/8/13 Eidah Hey's Trip to Moshava IO

7/5/13 Second Shabbas Oneg

7/5/13 Friday Week 2

7/3/13 Wednesday Week 2

7/3/13 Eidah Gimmel's Trip to Gravity Vault Rock Climbing

7/2/13 Eidah Hey's Trip to Funplex

7/2/13 Refet Dogs

7/1/13 Eidah Daled's Trip to Powerhouse Studio

7/1/13 Monday Week 2

6/28/13 Fifth Day of Camp

6/28/13 First Shabbas Oneg

6/27/13 Eidah Aleph's Trip to Dunkherhook Park

6/27/13 Eidah Bet's Trip to Powerhouse Studio

6/26/13 Third Day of Camp

6/25/13 Eidah Gimmel's Trip to Bounce U!

6/25/13 Second Day of Camp

6/24/13 First Day of Camp!


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