Interview with Estee & Yakov Fleischmann

Names – Shevet

Yakov Fleischmann  – Achdut

Estee Eisenberg Fleischmann – Barama


Current role in Bnei Akiva

Directors of Moshevet Stone


What is your first memory of Bnei Akiva?

Estee:  Going apple picking with Bnei Akiva of Detroit in 5th grade with Benny & Annette Appel, Shlichim


Your favourite bnei akiva memory?

A brainstorming session of the Hanhala Arzit in 2002 when we came up with the idea of the Van4Peace.  


What was/is/hope to be your biggest achievement in Bnei Akiva?

Becoming the Directors of our awesome Machane!


Where is your dream place to live in Israel? 

The Golan


What is your favorite Israeli food?

Yakov: Schwarma

Estee: Yogurt parfait 🙂


Tell us something that you gained from Bnei Akiva that you want to pass on to others?

Kids change the world. 


Starbucks or Aroma? And Why?

Yakov: Starbucks

Estee: Nespresso in our house in Efrat


What is the best meal in Stone?

Chicken on Shabbat 


Why is camp stone such a special place for you?

Estee – “I just say what our staff always tells us.  What draws them back each summer is the feeling that Camp Stone is a place where they get to be the best version of themselves – where they feel that they can drop so many of the different masks and hangups from the “regular world” and just be good.  As we often say: At Camp Stone, it’s good to be good.”


Describe Bnei Akiva in three words?

Empowerment, Education, Identity


Most meaningful Zionist/Jewish quote?

A wheel is missing, I will be the wheel.  A nail, a screw, a flywheel are missing – Take Me! (Joseph Trupledor)


What is your educational philosophy?

The philosophical underpinnings of Torah V’Avodah!