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Shlomo Stern
Shlomo SternDirector
Director Shlomo Stern is a Bnei Akiva veteran and an experienced informal educator. Shlomo is entering his 5th year as Director of Moshava Ba’ir NJ. Prior to joining Moshava Ba’ir he held senior staff positions at Moshava IO in Honesdale, PA, he was also the Regional Director for Bnei Akiva of NY and NJ. Shlomo, together with his wife, Temima, and their children, spent 4 years on Shlichut in Houston, Texas coordinating Bnei Akiva activities in Houston and the Southern Region of the US. Shlomo completed his BS in Accounting at YU’s Sy Sym School of Business.
Joey Adler
Joey AdlerRosh Mosh (Head Counselor)
Rosh Mosh (Head Counselor), Joey Adler grew up at Camp Nesher, where he also served as a counselor for a number of years. Following his first year in Israel, Joey caught the Bnei Akiva bug and decided to attend Camp Stone, where he served as a Madrich, Rosh Eidah Aleph, and Rosh Eidah Daled. Joey is currently finishing his B.A. at Yale University in Judaic Studies, and plans on graduating this May. Following graduation, he will pursue Semikha at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, and plans to earn a degree in education. He currently lives in New Haven, Connecticut with his wife Eliana (whom he met at Camp Stone!) and and is looking forward to moving to Washington Heights this summer! Joey is thrilled to join the Moshava Bair NJ family and can’t wait until camp starts!
Tobi Rifkind
Tobi RifkindRakezet, Director of Operations
Tobi Rifkind is very excited to return to the Moshava Ba’ir family! Her three children are thrilled to be attending camp again this summer. A camper at heart, Tobi is determined to share her corporate administrative experience in the Moshava Ba’ir office.
Alyssa Hertzberg
Alyssa HertzbergSganit Rosh Mosh (Assistant Head Counselor)
Alyssa is excited to join the Moshava Ba’ir family! She is a school based pediatric occupational therapist during the school year who works with children of all ages. Alyssa has lots of summer camp experience in both day camps and sleepaway camp. She is the proud mom of 3 adorable children and can’t wait for camp!
Yair Daar
Yair DaarSgan Rosh Mosh
Sgan Rosh Mosh (Assistant Head Counselor), Yair Daar, is a professional educator (going on twelve years) who believes that camp can be just as impactful in our children’s chinuch as school is. Currently a Tanakh and Gemara teacher at SAR high school, Yair prides himself in his ability to connect to his students in a down-to-Earth manner. A firm believer in open and honest communication, Yair is always open for discussion with parents and other staff members. He looks forward to getting to know the extended Moshava Bair family. He and his wife Mindy live in Bergenfield with their 4 girls.
Chanan Strassman
Chanan StrassmanSgan Rosh Mosh
This will be summer number four at MBNJ for Sgan Chanan. During the year, he works as a School Counselor at Torah Academy of Bergen County as well as the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies. Here at Moshava Ba’Ir, Sgan Chanan is the Sgan for Eidot Gimmel, Daled, and Hey. His favorite part of camp is the salad bar, and he thinks very highly of our camp STEM teacher (his wife!)
Naomi R. Nussbaum
Naomi R. NussbaumRosh Eidah Aleph
Naomi R. Nussbaum has a masters in early childhood special education from Teachers College, Columbia University, and more than 10 years of experience teaching kindergarten. This will be Naomi’s fifth summer at Moshava Ba’ir, and is looking forward to another fabulous one!
Margalit Lewis
Margalit LewisRosh Eidah Bet
Margalit Lewis is so excited to come to Moshava Ba’ir for the first time as a Rosh Eidah! She graduated from Queens College in the fall of 2018 with a degree in psychology. She has been working this past year in Yeshivat He’atid as an assistant teacher in fourth grade. She will be starting graduate school for special education this upcoming fall while continuing to work in He’atid. Although this is Margalit’s first summer with Moshava, she has attended and worked in camps, and for Yachad, for many years and she can’t wait to spend this summer in Moshava Ba’ir!
Nitzana Penn
Nitzana PennRosh Eidah Gimmel
Nitzana has spent a lot of her life in Bnei Akiva. She spent 7 summers as a chanicha and Madricha at Camp Moshava IO. Nitzana spent one year as Merakezet Shevatim for Bnei Akiva of New York and New Jersey where she ran programs for high schoolers. Now she is beginning her second year as Mazkirat Galil for BANY, overseeing and running the whole galil. Nitzana is starting her senior year of college at The City College of New York studying biomedical engineering. This is her first summer in Moshava Ba’ir New Jersey and can’t wait to become part of the overall Moshava Ba’ir family and have an amazing summer with Eidah Gimmel!
Shayna Leiser
Shayna LeiserRosh Eidah Daled
Shayna Leiser is graduating from Stern College in May 2019 with a degree in Speech- Language Pathology. She will be attending Lehman’s graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology this coming year. Shayna has spent the past 10 summers in different day camp and sleep away camps and was most recently a madricha on Mach Hach Ba’Aretz. Shayna is so excited to be a part of Moshava Bair and can’t wait to have an awesome summer!!
Daniel Raykher
Daniel RaykherRosh Eidah Hey
Daniel, although his friends call him Raykher, is graduating from Yeshiva University in May 2019 with a degree in Accounting. In September, he will begin Semikha at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, and plans to earn a degree in education. Daniel first went to Moshava IO when he was 9, where he spent the next eight summers. Daniel then worked in Morasha for two summers, HASC for two summers, and most recently was a Madrich on NCSY Kollel. Daniel is so excited to join the Moshava Bair Family and can’t wait to have an awesome summer!!
Jen van Amerongen
Jen van AmerongenRosh Eidah Super Hey/Bogrim & Sganit Rosh Mosh
Jen is a long time Bnei Akivanik. She has spent over 10 summers as a camper and staff member at Moshava IO and Mach Hach Baaretz. Jen writes educational curricula for Bnei Akiva of the US and Canada as Merakezet Chinuch and has worked as a Beit Midrash Fellow at SAR High School. Jen is pursuing her masters at YU’s Graduate Program in Advanced Talmudic Studies (GPATS). She can’t wait for her second summer at Moshava Ba’ir New Jersey and is looking forward to a ROCKIN’ summer with the campers of Super Hey and Bogrim!
Toby Eizik
Toby EizikNurse
Toby Eizik received her nursing degree from Beth Israel in 1975 and has substantial clinical experience at Beth Israel Medical Center and Englewood Hospital, as well as over 20 years of school and camp nursing at the Moriah School in Englewood NJ and at Ma-Tov Day Camp. In addition to tending to the medial needs of our campers, Nurse Toby dabbles in theatrical performance, costume and scenery design, and much more! She is a proud mother of 3 and grandmother of 2.
Yael Lilienthal
Yael LilienthalRosh Chinuch
Yael is really excited to be at Moshava Ba’Ir for the first time as Rosh Chinuch! She loves hands-on education and has enjoyed the role of Rosh Chinuch at Camp Stone the past two summers. Yael grew up leading Children’s Programs in shul and worked to make that time more educational even for the little ones. She loves being goofy just as much as she loves teaching, so if you’re looking for some Torah or fun or both, you know where to find her. She is a senior at Princeton University studying linguistics, but has her heart set on Jewish education as a career.
Shira Sragow Lewis
Shira Sragow LewisRosh Trips / Special Events
Shira is so excited to return to Moshava Ba’ir for her third summer! She is a school based Speech Language Therapist during the school year working with elementary aged students. Shira is no stranger to the adventures of summer camp, working in many different camps and even running one of her own. She can’t wait to continue her role as Rosh Trips and coordinate the special events at camp.
Robyn Adams
Robyn AdamsRosh Anafim / Scheduling
Robyn Adams has been part of the Moshava Ba’r NJ family since 2016. Her calm and organized approach to Moshava Bair’s schedule and events ensures exciting and enriching programs and the logistical success of camp. Robyn can be found dabbling in all aspects of camp… we don’t really know what her actual title is. Robyn has a dual master’s degree in Early Childhood and Special Education. During the year, she works as a Technology Integrator and Teacher at Yavneh Academy.
Karen Goldberg
Karen GoldbergDirector of Camper Support
Karen Goldberg is looking forward to her third summer at Moshava Ba’ir as Director of Camper Support. A licensed social worker and Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Karen works as the Director of Student Services at a local yeshiva during the school year. Karen has extensive therapeutic and clinical experience with children and adolescents, and hopes to make camp a positive and successful experience for every camper. Having attended day camp and sleep away camp for years growing up, Karen
enjoys getting to be a part of the camp environment again. She lives in Teaneck with her husband and three daughters – all avid Bnei Akivaniks!